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谷歌全球收购狂砸300亿美元 哪些公司有望中大奖

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本文摘要:Google GOOG -1.06% has its checkbook open, and it’s ready to dole out as much as $30 billion to buy companies overseas. What could the Internet giant possibly buy, considering it’s already working on everything from driverless cars to futu


Google GOOG -1.06% has its checkbook open, and it’s ready to dole out as much as $30 billion to buy companies overseas. What could the Internet giant possibly buy, considering it’s already working on everything from driverless cars to futuristic Internet eyeglasses?互联网巨头谷歌(Google)早已关上了它的支票本,打算拿走300亿美元展开海外收购。谷歌早已把目光投向无人驾驶汽车和未来互联网眼镜领域,那么,它有可能的并购对象不会是谁?Google has said it plans to use most of its offshore funds to make acquisitions abroad, according to a recent letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission. By keeping its huge money pot overseas Google can avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes on the cash. Those taxes are as high as 35%.谷歌近期向美国证券交易委员会(the Securities and Exchange Commission)递交的文件表明,它计划利用大部分境外资金展开海外收购。通过展开海外投资,谷歌可以防止缴纳在美高达35%的公司税。

When it comes to acquisitions, Google’s options are nearly endless. Looking at the obvious holes in its business, or even what the company has tried to go after in the past, may reveal the company’s grand plans, said Jason Helfstein, an analyst with Oppenheimer.说道到收购,谷歌的自由选择堪称无穷无尽。投行Oppenheimer公司分析师贾森o赫福斯顿回应,通过查阅谷歌业务的显著漏洞或过去曾尝试并购的公司,也许可以找到它的宏大计划。

“They have a very broad view of what their ultimate purpose is,” said Helfstein. It’s the data that’s central, he added, and it “is ultimately what they’re going to use.”“他们对最后的收购目标具有十分普遍的考虑到,”赫福斯顿回应。数据是核心要素, “他们最后不会中用数据。


”There are three main areas where the company has faltered – or is still under-invested – and may want to beef up: social, payments and cloud services.谷歌跟着不前、投资严重不足和期望扩充的三个主要领域分别是:社交网络、缴纳业务和云服务。Building Beyond Google+打破Google+Google has had a lot of success with its consumer-focused acquisitions, including YouTube and Android. It could find similar success with Belgium-based music streaming service Spotify, said Tom Taulli, founder of MasterCFO and author of “The Complete MA Handbook.”谷歌在以消费者为导向的并购中战绩辉煌,其中就还包括视频网站YouTube和安卓操作系统(Android)。MasterCFO创始人、《收购几乎手册》(The Complete MA Handbook)一书的作者汤姆o陶利回应,谷歌还能在总部坐落于比利时的音乐流服务企业Spotify身上获得类似于的成绩。

Spotify comes with a built-in social network, an area in which Google has struggled to gain much traction. With over 10 million global subscribers, Spotify could give Google’s social ambitions – so far limited to Google+ – a big lift.Spotify获取内置社交网络,而这正是谷歌努力争取推动力的领域。Spotify的全球用户数量多达1,000万,需要让谷歌在社交领域的野心——目前仅限于Google+——搭乘上顺风车。“It’s been crickets for G+ and all their efforts on the social side,” Taulli said. “It’s been a big hole; a big gap in Google.”“G+及其在社交领域代价的所有希望早已跑到了走过,”陶利认为,“这是谷歌的极大漏洞和缺口。”Buying a music service is also critical for Google if it wants to compete against Apple AAPL -0.69% and its recent $3 billion acquisition of Beats, the audio equipment maker and music streaming service.如果谷歌想与苹果(Apple)(AAPL -0.69%)及其近期30亿美元并购音频设备制造商和音乐流服务公司Beats的计划互为抗衡,并购一家音乐服务公司对谷歌来说具备决定性意义。


Buying Its Way to Data扔钱做数据The payments business, which reveals all sorts of valuable information about consumers and businesses, such as what they buy and where they shop, is an area Google has wanted to enter for years, said Helfstein. The company already has the Google Wallet payment service, but it likely wants to expand by buying foreign payment companies that would bolster Google’s capabilities. The value may even be worth foregoing profits.赫福斯顿回应,缴纳业务透露各种有关消费者和商业的最重要情报,如出售目标和出售地点,这是谷歌多年来仍然期望转入的领域。谷歌早已发售了谷歌电子钱包(Google Wallet)缴纳服务,但是它也许期望并购强化公司能力的海外缴纳公司,以此构建公司的扩展。

并购价值甚至有可能相等于前述利润。“It would be happy to run one of these businesses, make no money and collect all the data,” said Helfstein. It could then monetize the reams of information by using it within its current businesses.赫福斯顿回应,“谷歌很乐意在不盈利的基础上运营上述业务中的某一项业务,搜集所有数据。”之后,它可以在现有业务中用于数据,构建大量信息的盈利。

Cloud Connections云相连Google may choose to look beyond the consumer towards cloud-focused companies abroad, in a bid to build its offerings for small businesses, governments and big-name corporations为了向小型企业、政府和知名企业获取服务,谷歌有可能自由选择打破消费者层面,把目光投向海外的云服务公司。“The Europeans are really lamenting that only the U.S. is really good in the cloud space,” said Roger Enter, founder of Recon Analytics. “It would make sense to put a lot of the servers closer to their clients. Move closer and everything gets faster. They’ve done that already and they’re going to do it more.”“欧洲人经常责怪,只有美国擅长于云空间,”市场分析机构Recon Analytics公司创始人罗杰o埃特纳回应,“使大量服务器附近客户不无道理。距离更加将近,一切显得更加慢。

他们早已早已采取行动,未来还将增大工作力度。”Google has also said it plans to spend as much as $4 billion on infrastructure abroad, including data centers, and investing in a smaller, European-based cloud company could complement that investment and help Google deliver its cloud services to a European market that is hungry for more.谷歌还回应计划对数据中心等海外基础设施投资40亿美元。并购坐落于欧洲的小型云服务公司可以对这项投资构成补足,而且有助谷歌向市场需求可观的欧洲市场获取云服务。

“For them, everything that connects, they should be interested in,” Enter said. “It helps them improve their product.”“他们应当对云相连的一切事物感兴趣,”埃特纳说道。“云服务可以协助他们改良产品。